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Frequently Asked Questions

Our process involves an initial consultation to discuss your vision and budget. We then develop a detailed plan and provide a transparent estimate. Once approved, we handle permits, manage construction, and keep you informed throughout the project.
Project timelines vary depending on the scope and complexity. During the initial consultation, we'll provide a realistic timeframe based on your specific project.
While we don't provide full architectural design services, we can collaborate with your preferred designer or offer recommendations. Our team has extensive experience and can guide you on material selections, space planning, and overall design concepts.
We strive for transparency throughout the project. Our initial estimates are comprehensive and detailed. Unforeseen circumstances can arise, but we will communicate any changes promptly and work with you to find cost-effective solutions.
UHS Remodeling offers a comprehensive warranty on our workmanship and materials used in your renovation project. We are committed to your satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our work.

Contact us today through our website or call us at (469) 972-8380 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your dream renovation project.

At UHS Remodeling, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have a proven track record of exceeding expectations, but if there's anything you're not happy with, we'll work diligently to address your concerns and ensure you're completely satisfied.
We understand that unforeseen needs may arise. While major changes may impact timelines and costs, we'll work with you to accommodate reasonable adjustments as needed.